High-Performance Computing

Scientific Computing at the Freie Universität Berlin

Attention! Soroban will soon be replaced by the new system Curta! You can find more information here.

ZEDAT offers all members of the Freie Universität access to HPC resources. These include the following areas:

  • Provision of Computing Time
  • Advice
  • Procurement and Maintenance of Scientific Software

This service is used by various groups, including amongst others, teams from the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Meteorology, Neuroscience, Medicine, Biology and Economics.


18.07.2018 16:25
Soroban is now available again.

Recent Research Results

  Highly Efficient and Bidirectional Photochromism of Spirooxazine on Au(111)
F. Nickel, M. Bernien, D. Krüger, J. Miguel, A. J. Britton, L. M. Arruda, L. Kipgen, and W. Kuch
J. Phys. Chem. C 122, 8031 (2018) DOI
Northern Hemisphere disjunctions in Lactuca (Cichorieae, Asteraceae): independent Eurasia to North America migrations and allopolyploidization
Katy E. Jones, Edward E. Schilling, Elisabete F. Dias & Norbert Kilian
Characterization of cis-acting elements that control oscillating alternative splicing
Gesine Goldammer, Alexander Neumann, Miriam Strauch, Michaela Müller-McNicoll, Florian Heyd, Marco Preußner
RNA biol. 2018 Sep. DOI
  Pentafluorophenyl Isocyanate as an Effective Electrolyte Additive for Improved Performance of Silicon-Based Lithium-Ion Full Cells
Roman Nölle, Andreas J. Achazi, Payam Kaghazchi, Martin Winter and Tobias Placke
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2018, 10, 28187−28198 DOI
[P4H]+[Al(OTeF5)4]−: protonation of white phosphorus with the Brønsted superacid H[Al(OTeF5)4](solv)
Anja Wiesner, Simon Steinhauer, Helmut Beckers, Christian Müller and Sebastian Riedel
Chem. Sci., 2018, Advance Article DOI (Edge Article)