File Systems

For uses there are essentially three file systems which are available:

/work (680 GByte)
This is where the users' home directories are stored with the path /work/. /home/ exists as a link to /work/.
/work is backed up to tape every night (incremental backup, full backup every 6 weeks). Users can recovery lost data from the tape library using the command xbp. A description of xbp (in German) can be found here, and a restore example can be found here.

/scratch (14 TByte)

This is where users should write temporary files, in particular large ones. This files system has the highest I/O-throughput. There is no backup for files on /scratch.

/scratch2 (23 TByte)

Very large files may be placed here (e.g. large GAUSSIAN rwf files). There is no backup for files on /scratch2.

Other file systems

/software, /tmp (very small - please use /scratch for large files)

Please delete all files and directories as soon as they are no longer needed. Users who have a large amount of old data will be notified and requested to tidy up. If these notifications are ignored, we reserve the right to delete data at our discretion.