Applying for Access

Users who would like to apply for access to one of our systems must be members or guests of the university and require a valid FU Account (link in German). Please apply for access to the HPC systems by sending an email to including the following details:

  1. FU Account (standard account, if available, otherwise guest or project account)
  2. Project (very brief description)
  3. Head of the group (name and ZEDAT email address)
  4. Resource requirements (CPU / RAM / disk space), if known
  5. Programs required
  6. Do you intend to process personal data (yes/no)? If 'yes' please indicate whether the data have been anonymised or pseudonymised

Important: Please also send the mail as CC to the person whom you have named als group leader.

Important: Please do not apply for accounts for people other than yourself.

Important: The welcome mail will be sent to your FU address. We shall also send other information to this address, so you must read mail sent there regularly, or forward it to a different address.

Normally you will receive a welcome message within 24 hours. After your access has been set up, you will be able to log in to the system via SSH. Please note that, in accordance with the conditions pertaining to the ZEDAT account, you are not permitted to use your account to allow a third party access to any systems at the FU Berlin.