Disruption 2017-05-02


Due to the failure of a storage component, the integrity of the file system /scratch has been compromised. This means that many files on the file system have been damaged. Large files (> 512 KB) are more likely to be affected than small files (< 512 KB). The larger a file is in terms of multiples of 512 KB, the higher the probability of damage.


03.05.2017 10:17 Maintenance is continuing, Soroban is currently unavailable
03.05.2017 16:00 Copying of files from damaged file system will begin shortly
04.05.2017 10:29 Files from the damaged file system are being recovered
05.05.2017 15:56 Copying the files has been completed
08.05.2017 11:17 Recovery completed successfully, tests ongoing
09.05.2017 09:15 Access for users enabled


Full access to the whole system is now possible. Almost all of the data has been successfully recovered. However, some individual files may have been corrupted. Please contact us if you experience any difficulties.