High-Performance Computing

Scientific Computing at the Freie Universität Berlin

ZEDAT offers all members of the Freie Universität access to HPC resources. These include the following areas:

  • Provision of Computing Time
  • Advice
  • Procurement and Maintenance of Scientific Software

This service is used by various groups, including amongst others, teams from the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Meteorology, Neuroscience, Medicine, Biology and Economics.


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Recent Research Results

Vanessa Di Vincenzo, Michael Gruenstaeudl, Lars Nauheimer, Melaku Wondafrash , Peris Kamau, Sebsebe Demissew and Thomas Borsch
Evolutionary diversification of the African achyranthoid clade (Amaranthaceae) in the context of sterile flower evolution and epizoochory
Annals of Botany 00: 1–17, 00 DOI
The role of landscape heterogeneity in regulating plant functional diversity under different precipitation and grazing regimes in semi-arid savannas
Tong Guo, Hanna Weise, Sebastian Fiedler, Dirk Lohmann, Britta Tietjen
Ecological Modelling, Volume 379, 10 July 2018, Pages 1–9 DOI
  First-Principle Investigations of the Interaction between CO and O2 with Group 11 Atoms on a Defect-Free MgO(001) Surface
Kai Toepfer, Jean Christophe Tremblay
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 122, 2018, 2307-2317 DOI
  Cyanographone and isocyanographone -- Two asymmetrically functionalized graphene pseudohalides and their potential use in chemical sensing
Lukas Eugen Marsoner Steinkasserer, Vincent Pohl, and Beate Paulus
The Journal of Chemical Physics, 148(8), 2018 DOI
Investigation of an allosteric mechanism behind pH-dependent calcium(II) binding affinity in the C-type lectin receptor langerin
Jan Joswig
Master's Thesis, FU Berlin, 2018
Multivariate pattern analysis for MEG: A comparison of dissimilarity measures
Matthias Guggenmos, Philipp Sterzer, Radoslaw Martin Cichy
NeuroImage 2018 DOI
Role of AP-endonuclease (Ape1) active site residues in stabilization of the reactant enzyme-DNA complex
Hossein Batebi, Jovan Dragelj, Petra Imhof
Proteins, 2018 DOI