Environment Modules

Some software packages can only be used if they have been loaded into the users environment via Environment Modules. The most important commands are:

  • avail : show modules which are available
  • help : show help for a module
  • add : load a module
  • rm : unload a module
  • list : list loaded modules

Sometimes multiple version of a software package will be available, e.g.

$ module avail fsl

------------------- /cm/shared/modulefiles/production -------------------
fsl/4.1.9 fsl/5.0.0 fsl/5.0.1

If the full name of the module is given, that specific version of the program is loaded:

$ module add fsl/4.1.9

If the only the initial part of the name of the module is given, that version which is alphabetically last will be loaded, i.e:

$ module add fsl

will load FSL version 5.0.1.

Help for a module can be also be displayed:

$ module help fsl
----------- Module Specific Help for 'fsl/5.0.1' ------------------


FSL 5.0.1 - FMRIB Software Library


This package encompasses a large number of executables.  Please refer to the



Some executables may support multithreading.

For more details see man module.