Soroban (

soroban - front, CV-Logo soroban - front, rack 3 soroban - front, slot 34 soroban - back, cables 3


Nodes 112x Asus Dual Intel, 1x Asus GPU
Processors 2x 112 = 224 CPUs, Xeon Westmere X5650, 2.66 GHz, hexacore, 12 MB Cache
GPUs 2x NVIDIA Tesla M2070 cards, 448 cores per card
Main Memory 2/4/8 GB per core (24/48/96 GB per node) 40/60/12 nodes, respectively
Storage RAID-Array, 16 TB SAS2, 174 TB SAS
Network Gigabit-Ethernet - TCP/IP
Interconnect Infiniband QDR


Various pieces of software are available on soroban. These range from system software, such as development tools, compilers and debuggers, to application software. Some pieces of software are only available if loaded via the command modules.

Queueing System

Normally programs are run on soroban in batch mode. This means that a program is not started to directly, but instead is sent to a so-called queueing system. This ensures that the program is only then started when enough resources are available. More information on this topic can be found here.

File Systems

There are two file systems which differ in size, speed, and whether a backup is made of the data. More information on this topic is available here.