System Software
Component Comment
Scientific Linux Opertating System
FhGFS File System
SLURM Batch System
Parallel Environment
Package Comment
MPI Intel MPI library
OpenMP supported by the compilers
Programming Languages
Language Comment
C/C++ Intel C/C++ compiler
GNU gcc
Fortran Intel Fortran compiler
Perl Core plus other modules
Library Comment
ACML AMD Core Math Library
BLACS Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms
BLAS Basic Linear Algebra Communication Subprograms
CUDA NVIDIA parallel programming framework
FFTW2/3 Discrete Fourier transform library
Global Arrays Shared-memory programming interface
GotoBLAS Optimised BLAS library
HDF5 data model, library, and file format
MKL Intel Math Kernel Library
LAPACK Linear Algebra PACKage
NetCDF Standard data format for scientific data
Scientific Software
Package Comment
FSL Neuroscience: Analysis tool for FMRI-, MRI- and DTI-Data
Gnuplot General: Graphing tool
NBO/NBOView Chemistry: Analysis and visualisation of bonds
Octave General: Language for solving mathematical problems numerically
R Statistics: Programming environment and software environment for statistical calculations and graphics
RAxML Phylogenetics: Sequential and parallel Maximum Likelihood based inference of large phylogenetic trees
Turbomole Chemistry: Calculation of molecular wave functions
Package Comment
svn Version control system
git Version control system
7zip Compression program which works with many formats