Soroban is an Intel-based system from ClusterVision, which runs the Linux operating system. The computer has been designed for problems which require a moderate amount of main memory and can utilise a large number of cores. In addition, one node is equipped with 2 GPU cards.

Soroban can only be accessed from within the FU network. If your computer is outside this network, you will need to use VPN (in German).

Further information, in particular regarding hard- and software, can be found here.
soroban - vorne, Rack 3

Retired Systems

  • Abacus4: IBM Power5, AIX, in use 2007-2014

Do you need more resources?

More resources are available outside the university on a regional level in the Norddeutschen Verbund für Hoch- und Höchstleistungsrechnen (HLRN).

The price list can be found here (in German). Information about access to the system can be found here (in German).
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