/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpcd [-standalone] [-debug] [-portnum  number]
              [-keyfile] [-restrict_if host_or_ip]


       On  Windows systems, bpcd is a communications daemon that the NetBackup
       Client  Service  bpinetd(1M)  activates.  Typically,  on  UNIX  systems
       inetd(1M) activates bpcd.

       The  bpcd  daemon  accepts  requests  from  NetBackup servers. Requests
       include the following:

             Initiate backup and restore jobs

             Get NetBackup configuration parameters

             Set NetBackup configuration parameters

       When you install NetBackup on a UNIX client, the  installation  process
       typically adds entries for bpcd to /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf.

       The services entry looks like the following:

              bpcd 13782/tcp  bpcd

       The inetd.conf entry on UNIX looks like the following:

              bpcd stream tcp  nowait root /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpcd bpcd



                 Available only on UNIX clients. Instructs bpcd to run contin-
                 uously rather than started by inetd.


                 Available only on UNIX clients and implies -standalone.  This
                 option  prevents bpcd from forking and does not disconnect it
                 from standard input, output, and error.

       -portnum number

                 Available only on UNIX clients and implies -standalone. Spec-
                 ifies  the  port  number where bpcd listens for requests. The
                 default is the bpcd entry in: /etc/services.

       -restrict_if host_or_ip
                  Available only on  UNIX  clients  and  implies  -standalone.
                 Specifies  the local network interface that bpcd accepts con-
                 nections from. Default is  to  accept  connections  from  all

                                  18 Jul 2003                         bpcd(1M)