<admin_dir_path>bpclimagelist [-U | -Likelydate] [-Listseconds]
       [-client client_name] [-server server_name] [-BE]      [-t FULL | INCR
       | CINC | UBAK |  UARC | ANY | NOT_ARCHIVE]      [-policy policy_name]
       [-keyword keyword_phrase] [-ct client_type]      [-s mm/dd/yyyy
       HH:MM:SS] [-e mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS]

       On UNIX and Linux systems, <admin_dir_path> is

       On Windows systems, <admin_dir_path> is


       The bpclimagelist command



       -client client_name
              Specifies the client on which a status report is to be

       -ct client_type

       -e mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS
              Specifies the name of the client to list or update.

       -keyword keyword_phrase
              Specifies a keyword phrase for NetBackup to use when it
              searches. The phrase must match the one that was previously
              associated with the image.


              Specifies that seconds granularity be used for the timestamp .

       -policy policy_name
              Reports on the backup images that use the specified policy. The
              default is any policy.

       -s mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS, -e mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS
              Specifies the start date (-s) and end date (-e) for the listing.

              The -s option specifies a start date and time for the listing.
              The resulting list shows only files in backups or the archives
              that occurred at or after the specified date and time.

              The format that you must use for the date and the time values
              depends on your locale settings (UNIX and Linux) or regional
              Indicates the name of the NetBackup server. The default value is
              the first SERVER name listed in the bp.conf file.

       -t     Specifies a schedule type for the image selection. The default
              is any schedule type. Valid values, in either uppercase or
              lowercase, are as follows:

         FULL (full backup)

         INCR (differential-incremental backup)

         CINC (cumulative-incremental backup)

         UBAK (user backup)

         UARC (user archive)


         NOT_ARCHIVE (all backups except user archive)

       -U User display format.


       Example 1

       The following command determines if the client hagar is in the client
       database on the master server:

       bpclient -client hagar -L

       Example 2

       The following command adds casper to the client database on the master
       server. It also allows a maximum of five concurrent jobs to be run on

       bpclient -client casper -add -max_jobs 5