/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/jbpSA  [ -d | -display] [-D prop_filename] [-h
              | -Help] [-l debug_filename] [-lc] [-ms nnn] [-mx xxx] [-r  ver-


       The jbpSA command starts the Backup, Archive, and Restore client inter-
       face on Java-capable UNIX machines.


       -d | -display

                 Display the environment variable. For example:

                 -d eagle:0.0

       -D prop_filename
                  Indicate the debug properties file name.  The  default  name
                 for this file is

       -h | -Help

                 Displays the possible options for the jbpSA command.

       -H host     The  -H  option  allows you to specify the host system that
                 appears by default in the jbpSA login dialog box. May  be  an
                 unqualified  host  name  or  a  fully qualified host name. No

       -l debug_filename
                  Indicate the debug log file name. The default name is unique
                 to  this  startup  of  jbpSA  and written in /user/openv/net-

       -lc        Prints the cmdlines that the application  uses  to  its  log

                 Note: The application does not always use the cmdlines to get
                 or update data. It  has  some  protocols  that  instruct  its
                 application server to perform tasks using NetBackup and Media
                 Manager APIs. The  application  evolves,  fewer  cmdlines  is

       -ms nnn     Allows  the memory usage configuration for the Java Virtual
                 Machine (JVM) where nnn is the megabytes of memory  available
                 to the application. Default: 36 MB (megabytes)

                 Run  jnbSA on a machine with 512 megabytes of physical memory
                 with 128 megabytes of memory available to the application.

                 The -ms command specifies how much memory  is  allocated  for
                 the  heap  when  the  JVM  starts. This value may not require
                 mum heap size (in megabytes) that the JVM  uses  for  dynami-
                 cally-allocated objects and arrays. Default: 512 MB.

                 This  option  is  useful  if the amount of data is large (for
                 example, a large number of jobs in the Activity Monitor).


                 jbpSA -mx 512M

                 The maximum heap size can be specified  by  using  the  jbpSA
                 command    or   by   setting   the   MAX_MEMORY   option   in

       -r version
                  Specifies which version of the Backup, Archive, and  Restore
                 client  to  run.  Valid  values  are  5.0,  5.1, and 6.0. The
                 default if the -r option is not specified is the latest  ver-
                 sion of NetBackup.

                                  16 Sep 2004                         jbpSA(1)