Information (not only) for New Employees and Visiting Lecturers


ZEDAT, the computer service center of Freie Universität Berlin, welcomes you and wishes you a good start at Freie Universität Berlin.

FU Account

The prerequisite for numerous services that you can use in the course of your work is a user authorization (FU account). New employees usually receive a link to activate the account via e-mail in the so-called onboarding process shortly before the date of entry.

If this has not happened by day you start your work, please contact the person responsible for you at Personell Office.


You will receive the username and initial password for your FU account either in the summary at the end of the onboarding process or on paper from the user service. Please change the password immediately when using the account for the first time. You can do this either after logging in at your workstation (see below) or in the ZEDAT Portal.


New employees will receive an e-mail address in the Exchange system when setting up their account. At work, you can retrieve and send your mails with the Outlook program. Remotely, this is just as comfortable with the webmail access. The Exchange system also offers additional functions, such as electronic calendars and contact management.


When you set up your FU account, a personal phone number and a PIN for logging on to the phone are already assigned. You can receive faxes using a number derived from your phone number. Receipt and dispatch of faxes are performed by mail. Further information and settings options as well as the FU phonebook can be found in the ZEDAT Portal.

Wireless Internet Access

With mobile devices, you can use the WiFi of the FU as well as the WiFis of other universities worldwide via the eduroam network.


In many areas you can find workstations managed by the ZEDAT, where you also log in with your FU account. If in doubt, you can contact the IT representative of your department.

Permissions for Drives and Printers

In addition to your personal directory, the so-called home drive, you may still need drives to exchange files with colleagues. Authorization to use these drives is requested by your supervisor at ZEDAT Support.

New employees automatically receive authorization to use the central multifunction devices. Authorization to use workstation printers is requested by the supervisor as with the drives.


As an employee of of Freie Universität, you can use the University Library and the department libraries. The libraries' holdings are catalogued on the library portal Primo.

You must register on Primo if you want to use physical library items; in order to register on Primo, you will need a library card, which you can download from the ZEDAT Portal. (Unfortunately, this does not apply to student employees. Please use your student library account instead.)

Further Services

In the ZEDAT Portal you will find links to other IT services of Freie Universität in addition to the settings mentioned above.

One of these services is the Elsa portal, which is not only the access point for many administrative applications, but also offers a self-service for all employees, where, among other things, pay statements can be downloaded.

General Information of the Personnel Office

The Welcome Service will be happy to assist you with any question regarding arriving and working at Freie Universität Berlin to give you the best possible support for your start.


The FU Center for Continuing Education offers a range of IT courses, which are usually free of charge for FU staff.


The FU's numerous IT systems are operated by several institutions, each with its own support structures. Here is an overview: